§ 1. Oath
§ 1A, 2. Devotion of full time to duties; salary; stock in or compensation from bank, etc; bond
§ 3, 4. Bond -- Oath of security; sum sworn to must equal penalty.
§ 5. Bond -- Recording
§ 6, 6A. Vacancy; acting treasurer
§ 7 to 7B. Chief deputy treasurer; deputy treasurers; Unpresented Checks Fund; Undeliverable Checks Fund
§ 8. Preservation of books, papers and accounts
§ 8A. Annual report to Governor and General Assembly
§ 9, 10. Debts due by State to be set off against debts owing to State.
§ 11, 12. Issuance of duplicates of lost evidences of debt; appointment of bank as agent; duties
§ 13. Appointment of bank president as agent -- Compensation and expenses
§ 14. Appointment of bank as agent -- Bond
§ 15. Appointment of agents in connection with issuance of registered bonds; Treasurer authorized to enter into certain agreements
§ 16. Appointment of bank as agent -- Bond -- Recording
§ 17 to 21B. Counting, examining and recording redeemed bonds; destruction; agents paying principal and interest to account or transmit at least semiannually; how securities kept; access to; duplicate certificates for lost stock certificates owned by State; transmittal of certificates to Treasurer for inventory and safekeeping; selection of depositories; security required; collateral to be given as security by depositories; deposit of funds of residents or clients of State-operated institutions.
§ 22. Investment by county commissioners and others in United States government bonds, obligations of federal government or agencies or savings accounts in Maryland banks.
§ 22A to 22E. Investments by treasurer of Baltimore City; investments by Montgomery and Prince George's Counties finance directors; investments by Baltimore County finance director; investments by secretary-treasurer of Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission; investments by treasurer of Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
§ 22F to 22H. Local government investment guidelines; Local Government Investment Pool; Montgomery County Investment Pool.
§ 22-I to 22L. Investments by Harford County Treasurer; investments by Anne Arundel County Controller and Howard County Finance Director; investments in bankers' acceptances; investment, etc., in bankers' acceptances
§ 22M to 22-O. Investments, redemptions, sales, etc., of certain bond proceeds; investment by local governmental bodies in investment companies or trusts; deposits of unexpended or surplus money by local governments.
§ 23 to 24A. Investment in obligations guaranteed by Maryland Higher Education Loan Corporation; investment in obligations of Maryland Environmental Service; agreements as to bank service charges; authority of Treasurer as to amount of deposit with bank; sale of stock, etc., in banking institutions
§ 25 to 29. Legislative findings and intent; responsibility of Treasurer; self-insurance and purchased insurance to be provided by Treasurer; purchased insurance; State Insurance Trust Fund established; sources of fund
§ 30. Purposes for which fund to be used
§ 31 to 35. Payment of first $1,000 of loss, damage, or liability; payment of State agency losses regardless of funding; assessment of premiums against agencies funded by special or federal funds; cooperation of Law Department, Department of General Services and State Fire Marshal; valuation in case of loss or damage or of liability claims; regulations; annual report and recommendations; audit of fund.
§ 36, 37. What coins recognized as currency; accounts to be expressed in dollars and cents